Collection: Lymphatic Support

Our aim is to support women experiencing mild lymphatic issues. Because of surgeries involving lymph node removal or treatments such as radiation, secondary lymphedema can develop. The lymphatic system is very sensitive and often swelling can go unnoticed, undiagnosed and untreated, despite it being the most common complication post-breast cancer treatment. 

Compression therapy plays a vital role in treating lymphedema. Lymphatic garments differ from regular bras and tops. They are designed to prevent the obstruction of lymphatic drainage (by eliminating pressure points) while gently massaging the lymphatic system during wear. These garments often have broad, padded straps, soft edges, and exceptional comfort, some even offering shaping effects. Selecting the right solution is key to living and thriving with lymphedema.

If you have insurance we encourage you to check if you have additional coverage for these products. Please feel free to reach out or book an appointment if you have any questions.

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