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Knitted Knockers of Canada Logo

Knitted Knockers are custom-made breast prostheses for women who have had mastectomies or other breast procedures. They are knitted with care by dedicated volunteers and are provided free of charge upon request.


Be The Choice

Be the Choice wants to shed light on breast cancer treatment options, show the connections between those decisions, and help breast cancer patients to understand and explore their healthcare choices.

Cancer doesn’t have to be something that happens to you. They believe that knowledge is power – and so is participation. They aim to start a conversation between you and your loved ones, and between you and your physicians, that will enable you to actively engage in your treatment. It’s a better way to choose.

Know Your Lemons
Our vision is a world where fewer women and men are diagnosed with breast cancer at late stages, because they can more easily recognize and report symptoms, and when no symptoms are apparent, get screened for breast cancer.